Many thanks to the parents, who willingly shared with us their experience. We always learn from you!

"Participation in the program 'Lexipontix' was a unique experience. It parallels a creative journey for children and adults, where one can see and experience things, previously thought to be unimportant. The program strongly sets up the family alliance, empowering roles and strengthening capacities. It certainly builds up child’s confidence, while, at the same time, making evident to the child that there is no problem, but just some symptoms and the child has the right to stutter. By assigning playful exercises, card-games and ‘missions’, the program turns the 'technical' part of the therapy into an adventurous and interesting experience. The success was demonstrated by the child's desire not to end the programme but to last even longer. My child’s change on speech and confidence was beyond our expectations, since my son can now manage his stammering, his communicative environment as well as his future."
George Christonis, 10 year old boy's father

"The program 'Lexipontix' helped us more than I could imagine and expect. We learned to better operate as a team. We discovered things about our child (concerns and weaknesses) that we were not aware of, before. We even found out strengths and powers, that we also did not know he possessed. We learned to better respond, and support him in every issue related to his stuttering. Our child is definitely more happy after the program. He looks stronger, full of confidence. Lexipontix is a program that should be administered to every child who stutter (maybe even to those children who do not stutter)."
Mina Exarchou, mother of 10 year old boy

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